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A test of FACT — A test of FAITH

This quiz has 10 statements (“questions”) in sequence, each with the possible response of either TRUE or FALSE.

When you click on the correct response you are automatically promoted to the next question.

However, an incorrect response CAN SEND YOU BACK one or more questions, in order to review material that will enable you to proceed.

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Question 1:

Nazareth is mentioned in the Old Testament.

Scandal sheets
Coverups relating to Nazareth archaeology.

Scandal 1
Hidden tombs under the house of Mary
(the Church of the Annunciation)

Scandal 2
The shell game with Nazareth evidence

Scandal 3
Alleged Hellenistic finds

Scandal 4
“Herodian” and the misdating of Nazareth evidence

Scandal 5
The Nazareth Village Farm Report

Scandal 6
A ‘House from the time of Jesus’?

Scandal 7
“Israel’s Evangelical Approach” and Nazareth

Scandal 8
The Nazareth coin boondoggle

Scandal 9
The 1962 Caesarea Inscription forgery

Scandal 10
Nazareth archaeology causes peer review breakdown

The earliest Nazareth evidence