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Seven nominations at the 2009 Cannes Film Festival…
Top grossing 2011 film in Spain, and…

NOT coming to a theatre near you!

“There is a conspiracy to keep this film from wide distribution in the US. The reason is quite simple. Those who would distribute the film fear right wing Christianity, much as pagans feared the Christian thugs portrayed in the film.”

The DVD is now available in the U.S.
through amazon.com (and other outlets).

“This is a film of ideas, an account of the clash of religious and philosophical worlds at a key moment in western history, and it succeeds superbly.”—Earl Doherty (complete movie review here.)

“It was a superb film. And that's by every technical measure—acting, production, story, direction, editing, sets & costumes. It had a lavish and wisely-spent budget. And the story and performances were so excellent the film powerfully moved [both my wife and myself]. We were crying by the time we left… I fully recommend it, and am shocked it hasn't received wider release.”—Richard Carrier (complete movie review here.)

“Hypatia is known to history because her works on mathematics and philosophy, as well as the manner of her death, are mentioned in surviving writings by contemporary scholars. Her original works perished in the burning of the Library of Alexandria around 415 A.D. by a band of Christian militants, known as parabolini, commanded by the fanatical Bishop Cyril… [T]he real subjects of the movie are the clash between restrictive religion and freedom of thought and the plight of a woman dedicated to intellectual inquiry.”—The Washington Post (Susan Jacoby)

“Agora treats wishful thinking with a skepticism that makes the film not only sad but also chilling. It is entirely—not dogmatically but stubbornly—on the side of reason, science and liberalism, values opposed by superstition, fundamentalism and political expediency. The world of Alexandria in the later years of the Roman Empire is one in which the forces of intolerance, whatever deity they profess, always seem to have the upper hand, and in which even ostensibly rational, compassionate rulers collaborate with the faith-based holy warriors.”—The N.Y. Times, May 28, 2010 (A.O. Scott)


“OMG can I give it 10 stars? I just finished watching it. What can I say? I am absolutely shaken. There’s never been such a timely movie.”—Kristi G.

“The story is satisfying, sad, and thought provoking. Put it on your ‘must see’ list!”—Alan

“This is a magnificent movie, perhaps the best film ever made about the Ancient World, and visually one of the most beautiful films you’ll ever see. The soundtrack is as haunting as the visuals… There is true genius in the making of AGORA.”—Remus

“This is a movie I know I will want to see again and again.”—Thinkerthinker

“Finally a great movie that does justice for Hypatia, a sadly unknown name it seems in history (at least in the U.S.). Great detail was put into the making of this movie and it shows. Rachel Weisz is perfect for the title role & is surrounded by good actors & performances. This movie moved me in many ways & is not one you will soon forget!”—Sean B.


Page updated June 30, 2014

Scandal sheets
Coverups relating to Nazareth archaeology.

Scandal 1
Hidden tombs under the house of Mary
(the Church of the Annunciation)

Scandal 2
The shell game with Nazareth evidence

Scandal 3
Alleged Hellenistic finds

Scandal 4
“Herodian” and the misdating of Nazareth evidence

Scandal 5
The Nazareth Village Farm Report

Scandal 6
A ‘House from the time of Jesus’?

Scandal 7
“Israel’s Evangelical Approach” and Nazareth

Scandal 8
The Nazareth coin boondoggle

Scandal 9
The 1962 forgery of the “Caesarea inscription”

Scandal 10
Nazareth archaeology causes peer review breakdown

The earliest Nazareth evidence